DUDES, tarot is weird. I started looking into it just as a way to open up my creative thinking but man... the syncronicty is unnerving.

Check out these two readings from yesterday:

my past-present-future has 5 of cups (depression & isolation) in the past, and Queen of Wands (fire, strength, magic & a Billy cat--a.k.a. artist of keys) in the future. Present is the empress-- spirituality (reception in the collective tarot).



Then in a celtic cross reading, I got Five of cups again, but as my present, with the wheel of fortune (chance/change) as the element of conflict overshadowing it. Right? Then the Queen of Wands shows up again with my billy cat in the advice position.

Ada 3-15-18

celtic cross

Ok, weird?

Then today I did a 9 card spread on the project I've been working on the last 6 months-- the Ambrielan Foundation. Ambriel is the god of change (after Octavia Butler). It continues to synch:

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 11.59.45 AM

ambriel -- 9 card

Now the wheel of fortune (CHANGE) shows up as the central card. Playing defense in the past, moving toward the Empress (reception). All the minor arcana are wands (magic) except for the one anxious card-- the 9 of swords (waking up from a nightmare) in the position of fears. In the destination position is the chariot or conducter: harnessing the powers of the universe to move forward.

The more I think about magic, the more magical things seem to happen. Just saying: it's weird.

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