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  • Youcanread

    DUDES, tarot is weird. I started looking into it just as a way to open up my creative thinking but man... the syncronicty is unnerving.

    Check out these two readings from yesterday:

    my past-present-future has 5 of cups (depression & isolation) in the past, and Queen of Wands (fire, strength, magic & a Billy cat--a.k.a. artist of keys) in the future. Present is the empress-- spirituality (reception in the collective tarot).

    Then in a celtic cross reading, I got Five of cups again, but as my present, with the wheel of fortune (chance/change) as the element of conflict overshadowing it. Right? Then the Queen of Wands shows up again with my billy cat in the advice position.

    Ok, weird?

    Then today I did a 9 card spread on the project I've been working on …

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  • Youcanread


    March 13, 2018 by Youcanread

    Create a character page as a proxy for yourself and save it under the category of Humans or Witches.

    If you aren't a witch yet but want to become one, contact one of the Staff Witches and we will expose you to the Grimoire and have Billy read your fortune.

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